Staci’s Story Begins

I hate Grant. I hate mom even more. She says he’s in charge of me while she’s at work. I told her, I DON’T need a babysitter. I’m almost fourteen. Besides, he’s gone half the time down at the bar where she is, and when he gets back he’s drunk and slobbering all over me. Some babysitter. I wonder what she’d say if she could see how he is. She wouldn’t believe it. I know that cuz I told her he was getting weird with me and trying to get into the bathroom when I was showering and she totally blew it off. Said I was lying to get attention. I hate it here. Maybe I’ll see if I can figure out a way to get to my sister Kara’s in Portland. She’d let me stay there I bet. And her boyfriend is probably nicer than mom’s. At least I wouldn’t have to get babysat by him.

Meanwhile, thank God for my phone – and that mom hasn’t cut me off like she said she would. I guess cuz we’re on some kind of family plan it wouldn’t save her that much. Shawna and I text all the time, which helps me stand the way things are around here. Knowing she’s right there just makes it all more tolerable. Mom or Grant will say something horrible to me or get into a big fight and I lock myself in the bathroom and text with Shawna. She has a sketchy situation at her house too. When her mom isn’t working at Family Dollar or cleaning offices she’s usually getting high with Shawna’s older sister and her friends. Sometimes she lets Shawna smoke with them too, which is kind of cool but a little screwed up for a mom.

There’s facebook, too. I’ve been getting friend requests from a lot of people who “get me”. I don’t come right out and post about what goes on here, but they can probably guess from some of the comments I make. It’s cool because we’re all getting really close without ever even seeing each other. I’m not telling people where I live or giving them my phone number, so I think it’s pretty safe. I’ve posted some “glamor” shots Shawna and I have taken, but nothing too embarrassing or revealing. I don’t think you can, on FB, anyway.